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Sellers read this before you list your property.

1.  Advertising

Where will my property be advertised? This should be an easy answer… Everywhere. Today Agents, especially REALTORs, have many tools to promote property. So this should be a universal answer. With hundreds of websites and world wide exposure Franchise and Independent Brokerage work with an even playing field.


2.  Listing Presentation

Now that we know agents have access to websites all over the world the next (still a very important question) is how will your property be displayed. This is where the average agent is separated from a great agent. Questions should include: Will you use a DRONE to take aerial photos and video of my property? Will you upload aerial maps and/or use interactive map links to help display key features of my property? How many photos should I expect to see when I look at my property online? Your property’s presentation online is the most important tool used to secure a Buyer. Average agents take a few pictures and call it good, while great agents take the time to promote property in a way that appeals to Buyers across the world. Focusing on key features and “eye candy” for Buyers such as lakes, ponds, creeks and views.  Even capturing wildlife as they enjoy the comfort of your property will help build anticipation for Buyers eager to enjoy the same comfort.  


3.  Experience 

How long have you been a FULL-TIME Real Estate Agent? Part-time Agents are just that, part-time. They work when it’s convenient. Real Estate is a full-time-all-the-time 7 days a week business. Buyers will want to see property, especially Farm and Ranch property, on the weekends, holidays and after 5pm! I started out as a Full-Time-All-The-Time Agent, continue to live by that same work-ethic. Honestly, it’s what every Seller deserves, someone that wants to see their property sold as much as they do.  


4.  Contract to Closing

Does my Agent understand the process of contract to closing Farm and Ranch property? Does my Agent understand the Farm and Ranch sales Contract? Do they understand how to retain Crops? Water Rights? Minerals and Royalty interest/payments? What about Surface Rights to the new Buyer? Minerals in Texas are handled differently than other states so understanding the Mineral Estate is paramount. Do they understand Surveys, Survey Plats, Pipeline and other Easements and how they will effect the property? What about Title commitments, can they help with title issues that may arise? Well versed in the Closing process and cost associated with that closing? Even financing can be a challenge on Farm and Ranch property.  If an Agent can’t clearly explain any of these items to you, can you feel confident they can explain them to a potential Buyer? And one better, can they keep you from legal issues as you market your property? 


5. Tools for Success

Last but very important question. How will you show my property to a Buyer? Do you have a ATV? UTV? Jeep? Truck? Ever see a carpenter build a house without the right tools? Selling Farm and Ranch property is no different.  In this day and age many Buyers  require some method of all-terrain transportation.  

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Buyer's read this before you purchase.


1. What type of land works for you? Pasture? Woods? A good MIX? How many Acres do I truly need?

The purchase of Land, Farm or Ranch will depend on you and what your goal for the future is. Do YOU want hunting property? Or cows? Or maybe a small farm… Possibly just a place to relax. Knowing your long-term goal in the beginning will help both you in your decision making process and your Realtor in the search for the perfect investment.

2. Does it have ACCESS? Is it a HWY? Country Road? or Easement? Private Road? What will my entrance off the road cost?

If the frontage is on a State HWY, cost tend to be more than a county road or private road. An easement could be even more expensive if there is clearing and an access road that has to be constructed.

3. Utilities … Electricity? Water?

Keep in mind that JUST because there may be electric or water lines close, that doesn't mean that you are allowed to use them. You may have to secure easements from adjacent land owners, have clearing issues, or possible power company restrictions. Even the water companies have state regulations that may prohibit them from adding additional meters to the existing line. Utilities can and sometimes do add lots of money to the bottom line.

4. Can I get Clear Title?

Very important!!! Never purchase a property without a title policy. Always, Always, Always protect your investment. Title policies are insurance policies that insure that  you have  "marketable title". The intent of the policy is to protect you when you purchase against items such as Liens and judgments, Undivided interest (i.e. heirs owning interest in the property), and a large number of other issues that could present themselves in the chain of title. I recommend that you use a reputable title company to close your transaction or have an attorney involved to protect your investment.

5. Can I get financing?

Sure you can!!! Rural Property is a little different to finance than the purchase of a home in the city. We have Lenders that specialize in financing land with or without a home, recreation or investment. The rates tend to be just a little higher (½ to 2%) than a traditional mortgage, terms usually depend on the property itself, the buyer and the intended use. The Down payment could be as low at 10% but you should plan on 15% to 25%. There are a number of programs for buyers intending to build homes, cabins or other structures so having a plan in place when you talk to a lender will help each of you work toward the Loan Program that works best for your purchase.


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